Single Valve for Water on a Column with Swivel Spout for Water

Single Water Tap

Technical Information


  • Grey powder coated finish (RAL 7035).


  • Molded nylon handle color coding and media indication per EN13792.


  • Rubber compression control, 2 x 360°.
  • Ceramic disc cartridge, 180°.

Outlet Valve:

  • G1/2 male thread with removable nylon hose nozzle.

Inlet Connection:

  • 70mm G1/2 male connection.

Working Pressure:

  • Maximum working pressure is 10 bar.

Quality Assurance:

  • The water tap is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.


  • Drilling dimension: Ø21mm (0/+1). Furnishing with Ø52mm cover flange, mounting shank, lock nut and washer.

Single Water Tap with Swivel Spout

Ordering Information:

Height (H) 300mm
With Rubber Compression Control Headwork (2 x 360°)
Media Indication Stand Out (C):
Stand Out (C):
Stand Out (C):
Water Potable Hot (WPH) 13.6000.2002.0300 13.6000.2002.0320 13.6000.2002.0330
Water Potable Cold (WPC) 13.6000.2003.0300 13.6000.2003.0320 13.6000.2003.0330
Water Non-potable Hot (WNH) 13.6000.2005.0300 13.6000.2005.0320 13.6000.2005.0330
Water Non-potable Cold (WNC) 13.6000.2006.0300 13.6000.2006.0320 13.6000.2006.0330
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Height (H) 300mm
With Ceramic Disc Cartridge (180°)
Media Indication Stand Out (C):
Stand Out (C):
Stand Out (C):
Water Potable Hot (WPH) 13.6000.2002.1300 13.6000.2002.1320 13.6000.2002.1330
Water Potable Cold (WPC) 13.6000.2003.1300 13.6000.2003.1320 13.6000.2003.1330
Water Non-potable Hot (WNH) 13.6000.2005.1300 13.6000.2005.1320 13.6000.2005.1330
Water Non-potable Cold (WNC) 13.6000.2006.1300 13.6000.2006.1320 13.6000.2006.1330
  • Additional Configuration Options Available:

    • Alternative color finish
    • M22x1 Aerator
    • Height 200mm
    • Anti-rotation add suffix “-V” to the article code.

    Please contact your ILA sales representative for more information.