Fume Hood Combination for Coolant Water with Stop Valve, Pressure Regulator, Manometer and G1/2 Union Nut Connection on Brass-Pipe

Single Water Tap

Technical Information


  • Brass valve house (fume hood valve).


  • Molded nylon handle color coding and media indication per EN13792 (fume hood valve).


  • Rubber compression control, 2 x 360° (fume hood valve).
  • Ceramic disc cartridge, 180° (fume hood valve).

Outlet Connection:

  • G1/2 union nut connection on Ø10x150mm brass-pipe.

Inlet Connection:

  • G1/2 union nut connection on Ø10x150mm brass-pipe.

Working Pressure:

  • Maximum working pressure is 10 bar (fume hood valve and pressure regulator).

Regulating Pressure Range:

  • 0,5 to 10 bar  (pressure regulator).

Quality Assurance:

  • The coolant water valve and pressure regulator is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.


  • Drilling dimensions: See below. Valve and pressure regulator are installed from behind the panel and secured with lock nut.

Ordering Information:

Media Indication With Rubber Compression Control Headwork (2 x 360°) With Ceramic Disc Cartridge (90°)
Coolant Water Return (WCR) 12.3160.4411.0331  12.3160.4411.1331
Coolant Water Feed (WCF) 12.3160.4412.0331  12.3160.4412.1331