M36 Fume Hood Valve for 2.0 Technical Gases with Push Couplings

Single Water Tap

Technical Information


  • Brass valve house with cover flange in RAL 7035.


  • Molded nylon handle color coding and media indication per EN13792.


  • Needle cone, 5¼ x 360°.

Outlet Connection:

  • Ø10mm push coupling.

Inlet Connection:

  • Ø10mm push coupling.

Working Pressure:

  • Maximum working pressure is 10 bar.

Quality Assurance:

  • The 2.0 technical gas valve is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.


  • Drilling dimension: Ø37mm (0/+1). Valve is installed from behind the panel and secured with lock nut.

Ordering Information:

Media Indication Article No.
Compressed Air (CA) 32.1160.7738.2000
Nitrogen (N2) 32.1160.7735.2000
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 32.1160.7740.2000
Argon (Ar) 32.1160.7747.2000
Helium (He) 32.1160.7748.2000
  • Additional Configuration Options Available:

    • Alternative color finish (cover flange)

    Please contact your ILA sales representative for more information.